Oculus Quest gets rebranded to Meta Quest

Oculus Quest gets rebranded to Meta Quest

Following the bizarre Facebook rebranding to “Meta,” the inevitable has happened – Oculus Quest gets rebranded to Meta Quest, as Facebook owns the Oculus VR company.

The news that Oculus Quest gets rebranded to Meta Quest started popping up when the company’s official social media accounts were all rebranded last night, culminating in the sharing of this sad excuse of a meme:

The above meme was shared alongside the note “New Name. Same Mission.” Naturally fans weren’t pleased as ongoing concerns regarding how much they actually own keep popping up as Facebook further integrates its social media controls. For all intents and purposes, the virtual reality headsets are now entirely chained to the Facebook/Meta ecosystem, and are no longer a fun device for a tinkering hobbyist to fiddle with.

In a followup to a fan saying the new name was “cringe,” whoever runs the newly rebranded “Meta Quest” Twitter account replied with more promises of the metaverse.

“We understand our community will miss the Oculus name, but change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!,” the company’s official account said. “We’re hoping to make our ambitions to help build the metaverse more clear with our new name!”

Facebook acquired Oculus back in 2014 for a whopping $2 billion, and since then Facebook has been pushing the headsets and virtual reality itself as a way to market their “metaverse” ambitions, as well as their focus on pursuing “Web 3.0,” if anyone can agree on what the hell Web 3.0 will even entail.

The Oculus Quest 2 is focused on gaming and game development but their Project Cambria product is focused on a high-end, mixed virtual reality suite. They’ll also release the Oculus Quest 3 at some point, but now it’ll be called the Meta Quest 3.

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