Deleting Oculus-Linked Facebook Account Also Deletes Your Oculus Purchases

Following the controversial merging of Oculus and Facebook accounts, numerous concerns regarding a user’s access to the VR platform kept arising. The latest issue discovered is that users who delete their linked Facebook account also get their Oculus purchases deleted.

Users that delete their Facebook account tied to their Oculus account will lose access to any purchases they made on their Oculus account. The new issue was discovered by Twitter user CixLiv and was further confirmed by Facebook, via UploadVR. There’s some caveats on which Oculus owners will lose access, though.

If you own the original Oculus Quest, Rift or Rift 2 and don’t plan on getting another Oculus headset – while you also haven’t linked your Oculus and Facebook accounts, then deleting your Facebook account naturally won’t affect your Oculus purchases.

If you’re picking up an Oculus headset now, or get the Oculus Quest 2, however, you need to sign in with your Facebook account to use the device. Furthermore, as previously reported, from 2023 onwards Facebook will no longer support Oculus accounts so you’ll only be able to use the headsets with a Facebook account.

Users who have already been using Facebook accounts for the Oculus platform have already been unable to use the headset when their Facebook account got banned, or they ran into activation issues. Facebook even said that if your account is banned for violating their terms, you can lose your purchases as well.

It seems like Facebook is letting all decisions with accounts tied to an Oculus headset fall down to their main Facebook terms. Facebook’s VP of VR has even said you should make sure your Facebook account is in good standing before even picking up an Oculus headset.

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