Nukitashi 2 English translation talks about “d*ckless virgin incels”

The Nukitashi series of visual novels is continuing its line of botched translations as a video promoting Nukitashi 2 contains more words like “d*ckless” and “incel”.

A trailer for Nukitashi 2 was said to have translated the line “可愛い妹叩いたな、この童貞淫奔野郎!” (roughly “You hit your cute little sister, you obscene virgin bastard”) to “You smacked your cute little sister huh you goddamn d*ckless virgin incel!”.

The video has since been made private.

Considering both the trailer and the publisher’s history of deviancy, it is likely the game will be rife with more unnecessary changes.

The publisher for the series, Shiravune, has previously gotten flack for renaming their other game “Criminal Border” to “Liminal Border”, while also similarly inserting the word “incel” into its script, when it wasn’t in the original Japanese text.

Their localization of the first Nukitashi was also laden with absurd translations, politics, and unneeded memes.

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