Nobuo Uematsu is Composing for This New Blockbuster JRPG

cygames teaser

Cygames is a Japanese developer typically associated with their work on mobile games, so it’s a bit of a surprise that they’ve revealed what they’re calling a “blockbuster” JRPG, although we only have a teaser site right now.

The teaser site also came with a press release, which detailed the game as being produced by a “star spangled production team,” namely Nobuo Uematsu on music and Hideo Minaba on character designs. If you’ve never heard of Minaba, you’ve probably seen his work in Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Final Fantasy IX and XII.

The full reveal will happen during a conference in Tokyo on November 8th at 6 PM Japan Time. If you weren’t invited, don’t worry! The entire event will be livestreamed via Nico Nico.

What do you guys think it could be?



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