No More Heroes III is 35 to 45% Done, Open World is Bigger Than No More Heroes 1

Grasshopper Manufacture CEO and No More Heroes III game director Goichi Suda has shared a few more tidbits on the game.

Suda confirmed (via Wccftech) that development on the game is roughly 35 to 40 percent complete, and that the budget on the game is not the biggest they’ve ever had.

Furthermore, the open world in No More Heroes III is bigger than the original game, but not as big as something you’d find in an Ubisoft or Rockstar Games title.

Some other small tidbits include the confirm that the Beam Katana with its charge motion is reappearing, but the “real challenge was figuring out how to best use the Switch hardware.” Also, the suit Travis wears in the reveal trailer will be playable in the final game, but only in “certain special circumstances.”

Lastly, a new trailer for the game will be released sometime later this year or early next year. No More Heroes III is launching for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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