No Man’s Sky Players, Now Homeless, Are Helping Each Other Find Ideal New Planets

no man's sky

Following the huge new 3.0 “Origins” update for No Man’s Sky, countless planets in the game received a huge overhaul across their surface area. While some planets weren’t changed much, this led to some players returning to a base that is now underground, or on fire due to a new mega-volcano, and so on.

Much like other past efforts in the game, the players in No Man’s Sky have organized together for a solution. They started a new subReddit for players to post ideal worlds suitable for a base. The random nature of the game will frequently create worlds for players that are radioactive, desert-like, on fire, poisonous, and many that have dangerous storms or aggressive sentinel robots.

The subReddit was originally used for players that lived more like wandering nomads, not searching for that perfect, permanent home – or maybe they haven’t found it yet. Typically it’s hard to find a planet with no storms and no sentinels, finding an Earth-like planet that has blue water and skies is even more difficult. The subReddit started focusing on players stranded post-update.

The key with players actually getting to these ideal worlds is the more recent portals system in No Man’s Sky. Once players learn all the proper portal glyphs, they’re able to dial in coordinates to other worlds that players have found, like above. In a simulated universe with literally billions of planets, taking a portal to your new home is infinitely easier.

The new Origins update for No Man’s Sky added quite a lot to planets, including vast mountain ranges (which also affected terrain on planets you already knew), lots of new flora and fauna, new storms that include tornadoes, and even sandworms. It may be even harder to find an idyllic, Earth-like world to put your roots down, now that the game has more things to throw at you.

Despite the potential for existing players to have their base creations overrun with aggressive new critters or get torn apart by tornadoes, the response to the Origins update has been largely positive. Hello Games will continue on delivering their promises made with the original build of the game, alongside working on their mysterious new game.

No Man’s Sky is currently available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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