No DLC for Astral Chain, Trilogy Planned if Sales Are Good (UPDATE)


Game director Takahisa Taura has posted a tweet noting the translation on the game being planned as a trilogy is slightly inaccurate.

Taura noted he is thinking of various ways to expand the game into a trilogy, or more, but noted it is currently not planned as a trilogy.


We’ve learned some new tidbits for Nintendo and Platinum Games’ upcoming action game, Astral Chain.

The game has no post-launch downloadable content planned – news confirmed in an interview with game director Takahisa Taura and IGN Benelux.

Instead, the game is planned as a trilogy.

“There are currently no plans to release extra content for Astral Chain,” Taura said. “This is different for the game’s story. We make the game a trilogy and this is the first part of that trilogy. If this game sells well then we may see how the story of the series continues.”

Astral Chain is launching for Nintendo Switch on August 30th.

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