Nintendo Switch sales surpasses Wii in United States

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has managed another impressive sales figure in its continued climb up the lifetime sales charts. This time its surpassed the sales of their own Wii in the United States.

This information comes courtesy of Circana, formerly known as NPD Group, where they shared figures on the gaming industry as a whole.

While it has already beat the classic console in global lifetime sales, this feat puts it within distance of the Xbox 360 by just a million and the legendary PlayStation 2 by 5 million for sales in the region of the United States. The latter of which has remained the top selling console of all time.

The Nintendo Switch’s slowing sales have led some to believe that it will fall short of beating out the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s own DS, which both have over 150 million lifetime sales compared to the Switch’s currently reported 129 million.

However despite constant rumors of the unconfirmed Switch 2, there is still life for the now six year old console. And with the success of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom pushing more units, a lot could happen that may tip the scales for the console to make history.



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