Nintendo President Further Pledges to Not Censor Third-Party Games, Says Censorship “Inhibits” the Games Industry

While Sony is aggressively pursuing a global standard on what is and is not acceptable in any games released for their platforms, Nintendo has been doing just the opposite. Nintendo has reaffirmed their anti-censorship stance, in their latest shareholders Q&A.

In the 79th Shareholders Meeting Q&A, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked (via NStyles) how Nintendo approaches content regulation in regards to games being released on their platforms, citing other platforms applying their own censorship or restrictions on game content.

“Nintendo seeks an objective rating from a third party before releasing its own products, or third party software,” Furukawa said. “Arbitrary choices made by platform management companies will significantly inhibit the diversity and fairness of game software.”

Furukawa also noted what most folks agree is the common-sense solution to shielding younglings from adult content. “You can also put restrictions on content via parental control functions,” he added.

The latest example of Nintendo’s blasé approach to adult content on their platforms is probably Peach Ball Senran Kagura (pictured above), a breast-filled pinball game from Marvelous that is launching for the platform entirely uncensored, on July 9th.


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