Nightdive Studios teases potential Star Wars Dark Forces remaster

Nightdive Studios

We recently reported that Nightdive Studios teased that they had more remasters of classic 90s shooters. There wasn’t much to go on – but now it seems we might be getting a classic Star Wars game remaster.

Now it seems that it’s time for some more teasing, as CEO Stephen Kick posted an image of him playing Star Wars Dark Forces but on a 4:3 monitor.

While he could simply just be enjoying a classic in his free time, it’s also possible this may be a hint of what he had been saying just a week prior, as Dark Forces was one of the games shown in the original tease.

Nightdive Studios has already remastered other classic games from the same era, such as TurokSystem Shock, and Quake, with some rumors of a Quake 2 remaster also supposedly coming soon. Even if Star Wars Dark Forces is a game they’re working on, Kick did say “a few” when teasing about their future projects.

Assuming that he is hinting in this tweet, what do you think of the choice? Is Star Wars Dark Forces a great title that should get the Nightdive Studios remaster treatment, or was there another game you thought deserved it more?



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