Nightdive Studios teases more remasters of classic 90s shooters

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Nightdive Studios has grown to fame for their remastering of classics such as Turok, System Shock, and Quake. They even have a remaster of System Shock 2 on the way as well.

Now in a recent tweet by Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick, it seems they have more of these games in the works yet to be announced.

In a quote tweet of another talking asking users to pick from a variety of classic shooters of the 90s, he teased “we’ve remastered 4 of these…with a few more on the way…”

The 4 games he would be referring to would be Quake, Doom 64, Powerslave, and Blood. The image does not include System Shock 2 or SiN, which are games that are currently known to be in development by Nightdive Studios as of this writing.

So now the question is what other games do they currently have in the works from this list that might see a remaster? Personally I would love to see a remaster of classics like Goldeneye 64, which is getting a homage with Agent 64. Or perhaps a classic return to the one which started it all with Wolfenstein 3D.

What do you think of this tease? Are there any games from this list you would love to see a remaster of by the talented folks over at Nightdive Studios?


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