Niche Spotlight – Warparty

This is Niche Spotlight. In this column, we regularly introduce new games to our fans, so please leave feedback and let us know if there’s a game you want us to cover!

Today’s Spotlight is going to be a little different. This time, I’m highlighting an Early Access game that will be getting a full release in just a few days, mainly so that PC gamers interested in the game have one last chance to buy it before the price increases.

Warparty is a prehistoric fantasy RTS by Warcave and Crazy Monkey Studios.

The game involves three unique tribes of prehistoric humans fighting over the mystical sites of an ancient civilization so that they can obtain the godlike powers they possessed. Warparty already has a skirmish mode, survival mode, and fully-featured online multiplayer with leaderboards, matchmaking, dedicated servers, and ranked play. The game’s campaign will arrive with the final update, which goes live when the game releases from Early Access on March 28th. You can check out a trailer above.

Warparty is currently available on Windows PC and Mac via Steam Early Access for $17.99, and the price will increase to $24.99 on the 28th. The game will also launch for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

In ancient times, a powerful civilization thrived, blending technology and magic to assert their dominion on the world. Eons have passed since their fall and nature has reclaimed its place, leading wild beasts and dinosaurs to roam the land once again.

The tribes of men have emerged and grown in this savage environment. Using whatever tools at their disposal and harnessing the powers of the Ancients from the ruins of their cities and temples, they thrive and fight with each other for the limited resources of this world.

Lead your people to victory, expand your tribe and harness the power of beasts and lost artefacts. Shape your people to overcome their rivals and become the uncontested rulers of all.

Key Features:

  • Three Unique Factions: Play as the proud “Wildlanders”, the menacing “Necromas”, or the vengeful “Vithara” each with unique units, buildings, talents and playstyle.
  • Survival Mode Pick your favorite faction and face off against ever increasing waves of enemies. Survive as long as you can and earn a spot on the Leaderboards!
  • Skirmish against AI: Battle on a variety of themed maps against the AI. Solo or with friends, you choose the difficulty!
  • Custom Online Multiplayer: Have a Skirmish with your friends in different game modes with custom settings!
  • Observer Mode: Spectate matches and analyze gameplay to improve your gameplay or learn new strategies.
  • Ranked Multiplayer and leaderboards: Battle it out against other players, earn points for victories and reach new heights on the Leaderboards!
  • Dedicated Servers: Ranked matches are played on our own dedicated servers to ensure fairness in every match.
  • In-Game Wiki: Learn the ropes interactively or study up on all the units at your own leisure with the in-game wiki.
  • Full Hotkey customization: Every action can be bound to a desired key to control and play the game the way you want!

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