Niche Spotlight – Uagi-Saba

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Today’s Spotlight is Uagi-Saba, a game by Undergroundies about raising and understanding a bizarre race of magical creatures.

Deep in an underground sanctuary, you are tasked with caring for and breeding magical creatures called Mystics. Raise your Mystics from egg to adult, and teach them words so you can converse with them and learn the ancient knowledge they hold.

Selectively breed new Mystics using an advanced genetics and stat system that can result in thousands of possible combinations. Expand and improve your sanctuary, and if you are lucky, you might be able to attract rare wild Mystics. You can check out the trailer above.

Uagi-Saba is available on Windows PC via Steam for $14.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Uagi-Saba is a creature care simulator that takes place deep underground. Raise, care for and breed magical beings known as Mystics while harvesting resources, expanding sanctuary and exploring.

Uagi-Saba uses a realistic genetics system, every body part has two genes which can be passed on from parents to offspring resulting in thousands of body part combinations. Stats, skin pigment and many other parts of a mystic’s DNA also have their own unique genes and can be passed on through breeding.

Recessive and dominant genes, resistance to sickness, mutations and the incorporation of “wild” genetics. It’s all possible…

Key Features:

  • Raise – Raise mystics from egg to adult, feed them, give them water and keep them company.
  • Teach – Teach mystics a variety of words to better understand what they are trying to say.
  • Breed – Breed your mystics to discover new body parts and genes. Improve stats and traits through selective breeding, create the perfect species.
  • Play In The Gene Pool – Find new genes and mutations by breeding multiple generations of mystics. If you are lucky you may even stumble on a wild mystic, breed it with your own to uncover very rare genes.
  • Harvest The Harvest-able – Harvest all kinds of resources using special modules, rooms and your mouse pointer. Create a strong economy, expand your sanctuary.
  • What Was Lost Is Now Found – Find lore books long forgotten and read about the past or build a dig site to dig up old artifacts all with their own backstories.
  • Build It, They Will Come – Attract the local populous and grow your tribe through the construction of housing.
  • Grow, Bake And Ferment – Grow your own mushrooms, bake them into cakes or ferment them into elixirs for your mystics.

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