Niche Spotlight – Breakneck Mecha Action in Break Arts II

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Indie Japanese developer Mercurystudio is working on a new, brilliant-looking mecha-action game dubbed simply Break Arts II.

While the original game was a free-to-play mobile release (which had an English release via Playism), its sequel is set for a PC release (via Steam), some time next summer or fall.

Players will be able to customize their machine and play against others around the world. The focus, much like its predecessor, is to customize your robot, race, and battle each other en route to the finish line.

The developer made the decision to develop the game on PC as well to further push its visuals and performance.

Each mech that you pilot and customize will have a physical weight difference, which directly affects the maneuverability of the machine. You’ll also be able to turn around while racing and battling, so you can attack your foes in both directions.

Here’s a trailer from the original game, so you can get an idea of what to expect from its sequel:

For now, you can follow the game’s progress over on its official development blog. You can also grab the original game for free here on iOS and here on Android (it has microtransactions).

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