Niche Spotlight – Basingstoke: Cute Yet Deadly

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Basingstoke is the latest title from Puppygames, an indie developer best known for their bright, retro-inspired arcade games. Basingstoke is a fairly large departure from Puppy’s usual fair, in both scope and aesthetic.

The game is set in the same universe as Titan Attacks and Revenge of the Titans, in the early stages of the alien invasion. You play as one of the survivors of the Titan invasion of the quiet British town of Basingstoke.

Scavenge for resources to create weapons and traps, and use stealth and environmental hazards to avoid direct confrontations with the ravenous aliens roaming the town. Unlock new characters as you play, each of which has unique crafting recipes and special equipment. You can find a trailer above.

Basingstoke is available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux (all via Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store), PS4, and Xbox One for $29.99.

Here’s a rundown of the game:

Basingstoke is a tense roguelike that mixes stealth and arcade action. Explore the smouldering ruins of apocalyptic Basingstoke, UK, a world of extreme peril where reanimated undead and ferocious alien monsters roam!

Key Features:

  • Scavenge and Craft
    Loot and craft as you explore. Lob a tasty sausage roll as a diversion, or poison a kebab for bait. Sneak up and knock a monster out with a whack from a cricket bat, or slice them up with a chainsaw. Tranquillize them with a dart fired from a homemade blowpipe, or set them alight with a DIY flamethrower. There’s over a hundred useable items to loot or craft!
  • No Second Chances
    Use stealth to sneak, weapons to attack, or if all else fails, run! But be very careful – one bite and you’ll be ripped apart to become a tasty snack for monsters! Violence is your last resort. Sneaking, skullduggery, and ambush are your tactics.
  • What is Basingstoke?
    Basingstoke is a town in England, renowned for its charming mix of hand crafted and procedurally generated features. Explore, above and below ground, and enjoy its many attractions. Rob a parking ticket machine, vandalise a keep left sign, go shopping at the OMNImart24/7… or if things get a bit much, hide in a wheelie bin.
  • Unlockable Characters
    As you progress you’ll unlock new characters. Start as a Tourist and capture those special moments with your selfie stick or splurge at the shops with your OmniBank GoldCard. Play as the Thief and use your Locksmith gadget to crack security panels and break safes. Each character has specialist equipment, unique crafting recipes… and hats!
  • Achievements and Trading Cards
    The Royal Mint have issued a special commemorative set of Basingstoke themed coins to celebrate The Apocalypse. 1p, 2p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins can be yours, as well as an especially shiny pound coin. Collect them all, and a full range of achievements, trading cards, profile backgrounds and emoticons! Unfortunately we’re not allowed to show you a picture in the store, you’ll have to earn them by playing :)

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