Niche Games Spotlight – Thronefall


Today’s Niche Spotlight is Thronefall which just released as an Early Access title on Steam today!

Half-RPG, Half-Tower Defense, Half-City Builder, we’ve already previewed the game hands-on but it’s worth taking a look again now that it’s on sale.

During the day, players will build up their defenses and town. These provide resources and the assistance required to survive the night, your little hero alone is a force to be reckoned with but not even they can stand alone against evil.

Unlike most Tower Defense games, it’s not about where you build something but about when. Buildings have predetermined locations but there’s a science to knowing what to build when for maximum effect.

You can check out our preview of Thronefall below.

A minimalist game about building and defending your little kingdom.

Saddle the horses! See your kingdom come to life, fight gripping battles to defend it and still be done in time for lunch.

From the developers of Islanders and Superflight, Thronefall is a stripped back classic strategy game without unnecessary complexity, just some healthy hack and slay. Build up your base during the day, defend it ‘til your last breath at night.

Will you be able to strike the right balance between economy and defence? Do you need more archers, thicker walls or an additional mill? Will you keep the enemies at bay with your longbow or charge your horse right into them? It’s going to be a tough night, but nothing beats seeing the sun rise above your little kingdom to live another day.

Thronefall is available now on PC (via Steam).



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