Niche Games Spotlight – Froggo’s Adventure: Verdant Venture

Froggo's Adventure: Verdant Venture

Froggo’s Adventure: Verdant Venture is a brand new indie platformer that’s available for less than $1 USD.

I’ve said it more than a dozen times before here in the Niche Spotlights, and I’m going to say it again: I love platformers. Not to mention when they’re this colorful and animated I have to check them out, mascot platformers will always be my favorite genre.

Froggo’s Adventure is a short seven level game where players will eat and “yeet” enemies on their way to the goal. Froggo can use their tongue to grab and swallow enemies, push switches, and grapple across chasms.

The pixel art and aesthetic is reminiscent of the original Kirby’s Adventure on the original NES.

You can check out the trailer for Froggo’s Adventure: Verdant Venture below.

A Simple and Bite-sized retro 2D Platformer about a frog on another side-scrolling adventure.

  • Stylized aesthetics heavily inspired by retro games from the early 90s
  • 7 different levels filled to the brim with collectables
  • Slow paced and simple gameplay
  • Eat bugs or Yeet bugs at other bugs to win
  • Frog game

Developer SmellyFrog introduced us to Froggo in their previous game Froggo Swing ‘n Grapple. Hopefully we’ll get see more of Froggo’s platforming adventures. For now, platforming fans will have to tide themselves over with 7 levels, but for less than a dollar I think that’s more than fair.

You can check out Froggo’s Adventure: Verdant Venture for yourself here on Steam.

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