Niche Games Spotlight – Freejack


Freejack is back! After being closed in 2012, this free-to-play parkour racing game is being redeveloped.

Originally released in 2010, the game shut down just two years later. Now a team is working on overhauling the original concept and bringing it back to players. The team behind this Freejack revival appears to be unrelated to the original team.

You can read a rundown of the game and check out the latest Open Beta trailer below.


Players start with the opportunity to select one of four runners: Jin, Tina, Nadia, or Saul. But NewJack City is home to some pretty legendary free runners and clubs! You can unlock new characters by collecting points from racing.


Keep things fresh with apparel that sets you apart from the rest of the pack. Race with style whether it’s a new boombox, jacket, pants, or the latest kicks. Apparel may provide a bonus but will not be pay-to-win!


NewJack City has been taken over by free runners! The most notorious gang is led by the mysterious FreeJack. Create your own club, invite your friends, and maybe you’ll take down FreeJack & the Triple Rockets! Earn points by participating in races for dominance.


It’s all about knowing your arena! FreeJack has over 30 unique maps to master. Being the fastest runner will require lots of practice if you want to be the most legendary freerunner in NewJack City!
Freejack is currently in between Open Beta phases, though players can access the beta at any time through the developers’ Patreon.


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