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So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them—we love them and we know you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast, too.

Niche News of the Week

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Topic of the Week

This week’s topic is a multi-faceted one. The Killing Floor 2 developers have put out an EULA for their buyers to agree to which enables them to remove your ownership of the game, if you partake in “cyber bullying.” At what point does free speech begin and end? We also talk about this issue in the world of gaming and culture at large, as both private and public institutions are seemingly kowtowing to the outrage police.

Our guest speaker for this podcast is Alison Tieman, one of the co-creators and co-founders of the Honey Badger Radio.

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Senpai Noticed You

This is where we showcase some of the most intriguing, hilarious, and or thought-provoking responses coming from our fans, every week. You can find the posts that made your senpai, Niche Gamer, totally notice you:

Francesco Azzena (via Facebook)

[Italian] Salve, volevo solo dire che sono orgoglioso che un italiano abbia contribuito a creare uno dei pochi siti di informazione sui videogiochi validi su internet oltre ad altri pochi degni di attenzione. Dato che l’industria videoludica italiana è piccola si potrebbe creare una rubrica per le realtà di sviluppo poco sviluppate o in fase di sviluppo per potere aumentare l’attenzione su di esse. Grazie e saluti dalla Sardegna.

[English] Hi, I only wanted to say that I’m proud that an Italian had contributed to create one of the few good video game information sites we have on the internet.

Because we know that the Italian developing scene is small and or underdeveloped could you please create a section of your site dedicated to inform about small or developing scenes in Italy and others country like Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Turkey, Greece and so on to foster interest in those developing realities.

Thank you and greetings from Sardinia, Italy.

@XavierMendel: “No, thank you. I’m a big fan of Niche Gamer. It’s a bastion of good writing among the wasteland of other websites.”

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