New Update and DLC Coming to Jurassic World Evolution on November 20

The dinosaur theme park management sim Jurassic World Evolution by Frontier Developments will be receiving a major update, and it’s first batch of DLC, on November 20th.

Secrets of Dr. Wu will focus on the enigmatic geneticist that played an important role in the two recent Jurassic World movies (and a minor one in the original film).

This DLC will introduce a new mission chain revolving around Dr. Wu’s gene splicing experiments, and will include three of the hybrid dinosaurs briefly seen on computer screens in the recent movies: The Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops, and Spinoraptor. It will also include two more traditional dinos in the form of the Troodon and Olorotitan. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

On the free content side of things, update 1.5 will release on the same day. This patch will include new contracts, a day/night cycle, and some other heavily requested features, like more advanced social group and herding AI. You can read more about the patch here.

Here’s a rundown on the new DLC:

Hello there,

This is Dr. Henry Wu speaking. I know you’ve been working hard across the islands to design and breed the most awe-inspiring and, sometimes, fear-inducing creatures. You’ve had success, I can tell, and I like your methods. So I’m here to ask for your assistance. I’ve got a very, very special project for you, should you choose to join me in my efforts. Think about it, but do know: the reward we will reap is… compelling, to say the least.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Wu is looking for park associates with a track record in running a successful organisation and experience with the design of hybrid dinosaurs. Earn his trust, and you will embark on a business venture together which include all the features of this new content.

If you accept his mission, a new area will unlock on Isla Muerta, where Dr. Wu is working in secret to research and breed never-before-seen hybrid creatures… If you do well, you can unlock a host of new research options and upgrades. There’s a lot more to the story, but we won’t spoil the fun for you here!

Aside from a whole new narrative for you to follow, there’ll also be five new dinosaurs to provide additional challenges with their own behaviours and needs: the Troodon (which has a poison bite attack), the giant herbivore Olorotitan, and Dr. Wu’s special hybrids: Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops, and Spinoraptor will all be making their appearance here. Be careful, some of them have sharp teeth…

There will be new genetic research items such as comfort genes, which will let you manipulate how tolerant dinosaurs are to their conditions beyond the expected traits, and, for the selected few Dr. Wu deems successful (or worthy…) enough, you can unlock the Indominus Rex camouflage gene; upon breeding an Indominus with this modification, it can camouflage when it exits its Creation Lab, hunts, panics, is idle, or is in a forest. Don’t let this one out of your sight!

Finally, there will be some new building upgrades like additional Incubation Speed increase or Speed Increase for the transport team, plus an Advanced Storm Defense station to provide better protection against rough weather conditions.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Jurassic World Evolution is available on Windows PC (via Steam and the Humble Store), PS4, and Xbox One for $54.99.



Frank was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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