New Sifu update allows players to take the role of director

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Sloclap has released a new update to their action kung-fu game Sifu essentially letting players become the director.

Their latest update brings a replay editor allowing players to capture the action and lead it as if they were a director on set. Funnily enough, a film adaptation for the game has also recently been announced.

Here’s a rundown on the details for the new update:

Record your best moves with Sifu’s new replay editor, a complete set of recording tools that allows fans the ability to create cinematic replays from within the game. Place the camera wherever you want, change its parameters, set up camera movements, add effects, slow down or speed up the action and create your very own Kung Fu movie shots. These shots can then be used on any external editing software and pieced together to create a full-on cinematic masterpiece.

Also debuting in today’s Sifu update are four new cheats and three new modifiers allowing for new play styles, including Free Throw, which allows you to unconditionally throw your foes, age-decreasing perks with the Vampire modifier and a sweet new Touch of Death ability that immediately knocks enemies out if an attack lands correctly.. Additionally, we’ve added some long-awaited quality of life changes such as the option to carry your unlocked skills over from a previous save to a new one, as well as the ability to set your own camera distance during takedowns and bring the dynamic takedown camera close-ups back!  

And no update would be complete without the addition of new outfits: now you can roundhouse kick your way while looking fly with three unlockable outfits including a slick-looking Wing Chun outfit, available in dark and light versions. The tough-as-nails “Stunt Double” outfit is available only to Deluxe owners. 

Here’s the trailer showcasing the new features:

Sifu has been available for Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), Switch, PS4, and PS5. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review here.



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