New information on alleged Youmacon scandals surface

Youmacon scandal

Western anime convention Youmacon has been under fire regarding various scandals and poor management, and more information has arisen regarding these incidents.

A Twitter user highlighted remarks from a supposed insider who revealed just how bad the alleged scandals with Youmacon are:

I’ve received information from a source close to the convention who wishes to remain anonymous that has revealed some shocking things about this year’s event and I believe people attending this event deserve to know what they are paying for.

  1. Many complaints from staff about being under compensated and over-worked in multiple departments.
  2. The person/service in charge of providing the video games for the gaming room are NOT getting paid for their services. They learned of this last night via a meeting.
  3. At least four staff of the convention have quit working for Youmacon as of today including the Gaming department head.

Update (4:31 EST): I’ve been informed that the four staff members who quit are also part of the Gaming department.

Update: (5:49 EST): I have received further information from a second anonymous source regarding further allegations regarding the convention as a whole:

  • Charity donations not being given to Detroit Institute of Arts (2013, 2014), Michigan Children’s Hospital (2017, 2019, 2020), and Detroit Cornerstone Schools (2009, 2010, 2011, 2015).
  • Payment issues with John St John which led to him creating a convention blacklist that includes
    Youmacon. JSJ was often known as “The King of Youmacon” and was the longtime emcee for opening ceremonies.
  • A guest who was sexually assaulted (and wishes to remain anonymous) by an attendee of the con and was told by the convention’s head of security that it would be impossible to find the perpetrator and that “You wouldn’t want to relive the experience to the police would you?” According to allegations this incident had several witnesses.
  • Allegations that Morgan stole charity auction items, specifically limited edition Naruto posters (autographed and designed for Youmacon) in 2017 and 2018.

Update: (8:42 EST): I have received an update correcting some of the information surrounding the Game department:

  • The head of the Gaming department who also serves as one of the vendors went to get payment for the vendors only to be ignored and actively not looked at.
  • It was confirmed the entire Gaming department (as far as video gaming) quit working for the convention; however that only consists of the Department head and ADH. There were not four staff associated with them who quit – I was told however that several staff have left the con.
  • Everything currently stated in the comment section by Emily is 100% true.

The Twitter user also has an entire Minds post describing Youmacon from the very beginning, after which the user started getting back into the scandals.

A previous message from the aforementioned actor John St. John dissociating himself with the convention:

Many voice actors have apparently blacklisted Youmacon due to its poor management, and founder Morgan Kollin is apparently in dire financial straights.

The latter of which is supposedly the reason why there were no game tournaments at Youmacon 2023, and reports suggest the expo has apparently misused charity funds:

More information can be gleaned from the Twitter user’s write-up.

There was also a previous incident when Youmacon announced Kyle Carrozza as a guest at the 2023 con:

Many commenters on the situation provided a brief summary regarding what Kyle apparently did:

The official Youmacon Twitter account would later release a post addressing the accusations:

As can be seen above, the event organizers disabled replies on both tweets.


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