New Donkey Kong-Themed Area Coming to Super Nintendo World Japan in 2024

Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong 2024

Nintendo have announced that a Donkey Kong themed area will be coming to Super Nintendo World Japan in 2024.

As stated in the press release (translation: DeepL), the area will be adjacent to the Super Nintendo World area of Universal Studios Japan- increasing the size of the area by 1.7 times. The jungle-like setting promises to (as Super Nintendo World has) combine technology with the imagination of the theme park and Representative and Fellow of Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto.

A coaster-type ride is promised featuring Donkey Kong and his friends, and we can just make out what could be a mine-cart themed coaster tracks traveling through the golden temple at the back, and across the trees off to the side. There will also be food, beverage, and retail experiences. We also see a little bit of what seems to be water, which may suggest a water ride, or merely a water feature.

In the press release, Miyamoto promises a “slightly thrilling experience” with Donkey Kong. No doubt this means the coaster will be exciting, for all the family. For comparison, the Mario-themed attractions include collecting coins, AR battles against Bowser Jr., and VR Kart Racing against Bowser.

The park attractions’ opening saw several challenges, as it was delayed indefinitely at Universal Studios Orlando in early August 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo later announced in December 2020 it would open February 4; only to be once again indefinitely postponed on January 14th, 2021. The grand opening finally came March 14th.

Super Nintendo World is also set to have locations in Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Hollywood, California, and Singapore.

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