Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan Opens February 4, Additional US and Asia Locations Revealed

Super Nintendo World

Nintendo have announced the grand opening date for Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, along with new locations in the US.

The presentation was hosted by legendary game designer and “Mario’s dad” Shigeru Miyamoto, showing the attractions coming to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in more detail. Guests pass through a giant Warp Pipe, and through the lobby of Peach’s Castle into the land itself.

Along with the area being filled with animatronics and devices based on characters and items from Super Mario, guests can interact with some of these using their “Power-Up Band.” This wristband records activities the guests do in the park, gathering coins and power-ups, and can link to a smartphone.

For example, guests can collect coins by hitting ? Blocks, and collect coins. Miyamoto states the wristbands behave like amiibo, and can be used when the guests return home. How this will work with the Nintendo Switch was not elaborated.

Other such gimmicks include trying to hit POW blocks in time to knock a Koopa Troop at the right time to get a key. We also see a brief look at a giant sleeping Piranha Plant guarding a key. When guests gather three keys, guests can enter an underground level-style location to challenge Bowser Jr. and his Bob-ombs. Only the first part of that attraction was shown.

There is also the 1-Up Factory, a gift shop containing unique merchandise, such as a walking Mario toy. Guests can interact with Mario and Luigi in photo shoots, eat caramel Peach and mushroom flavored popcorn, or dine at Kinopio’s Cafe (Toad’s Cafe).

The final attraction shown was Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge (Bowser’s Challenge). Combining augmented reality, guests race around a Mario Kart course that Bowser has designed specifically to beat Mario. Guests join Team Mario, to beat Team Bowser.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan opens February 4, 2021. Miyomoto also revealed that along with a location at Universal Studios Orlando, there would be Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, California, and Florida; as well as Singapore in Asia.

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