New DLC for Dead In Vinland Lets You Adopt the Goodest Boy Dog

Viking survival RPG Dead In Vinland adds a fluffy good boy with its latest DLC.

The Vallhund DLC pack adds a new companion to the game’s roster in the form of a stray puppy. This new furry friend has a full skill tree and is involved in a quest chain with the character Kari.

The dog can be trained to help with chores around camp, aid in combat, and provide stress relief to depressed and ill characters. The Vallhund will be automatically recruited in an event that happens on Day 5 of the game’s campaign. Dead In Vinland‘s original launch trailer can be found above.

The Vallhund DLC coincides with the game’s 1.2 patch, with adds Polish, Chinese, and Italian language support, as well as the usual round of bug smashing and balance tweaks.

This new DLC pack will cost you $1.99. The base game is available for Windows PC via Steam and GOG for $19.99, and it’s currently 20% off to celebrate the new update.

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