New ’83 Sounds Trailer Details the Sounds of the Cold War


Antimatter Games have released a new ’83 sounds trailer, detailing the sound design in their upcoming Cold War multiplayer shooter.

This new dev diary details how the developers recorded all of ’83‘s sound effects. This includes ambient noises, gunfire, explosions, and even just the various buttons and levers inside a tank. The video breaks down the process of recording effects, then the various ways they can be modified. Many of the recordings were made at military museums, allowing the sound team to get hands-on with Cold War-era technology.

You can find the new ’83 sounds trailer below:

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

‘83 is a Cold-War-Gone-Hot, combined arms, first-person military shooter for high player counts (80+) currently in development at Antimatter Games.

The game pits two large platoons of players against each other in massive maps, fighting over a number of objectives that have a tangible impact on the battle as a whole when held by the victorious faction.

Players will have access to a selection of real-world infantry weapons and equipment, as well as a selection of powerful land and air vehicles which can decisively turn the tide of a battle.

Defend your future.

’83 releases in 2022 for Windows PC via Steam.

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