Netorare and Loli most popular genres for DLSite users


Eroge distributor DLSite has shared the most popular tags/genres on its website for 2023, confirming both netorare and loli as the most revered amongst users.

Netorare is a well-known fetish and genre in eroge/visual novels that involves a person with a lover being forced into cheating, but is then mind-broken to the point of enjoying/accepting it.

Loli is a fetish where fictional characters appear to have a short and stocky body and are also sometimes of a young age.

DLSite is known for selling an assortment of content both adult and non-adult, such as games, eroge, manga, doujins, ASMR, and other things.

Every year, DLSite discloses which of its genre tags are the most popular amongst users and amongst creators (“circles”).

The results of 2023 (the blue column is the most popular genres amongst users, green is amongst circles):

The top result for users was “netorare”, followed by “loli”, “submissive male,” “pregnancy”, and “futanari” (female-centric hermaphrodites). For circles, the top result was “nakadashi” (“creampie), followed by “kyonyuu” (“huge breasts”), “fellatio”, “breasts”, and “vanilla”.

It should be noted that netorare was the most popular genre for users for 11 months in a row.


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