Netflix’s The Witcher producer defends changes from source material as “necessary”

The Witcher Season 3

In a recent interview, Tomek Baginski the Executive Producer for Netflix’s The Witcher elaborated on the decision to make changes in the show.

According to a translation of the interview, Baginski defended the TV series and explained that sometimes changes needed to be made for practical reasons. He explains: “Sometimes the changes are the result of production chaos, because, for example, an actor fell ill and his plot needs to be edited and rewritten within a few hours so that it can be shot the next day.”

Rather than leave it at that, Baginski offers what appears to be criticism of the average American viewer. He seemingly alleges that American audiences aren’t as able to grasp nuance and that “simplification” is required.

He claims this is a result of American storytelling wherein “America is always good, the rest are the bad guys. And there are no complications.”

When a series is made for a huge mass of viewers, with different experiences, from different parts of the world, and a large part of them are Americans, these simplifications not only make sense, they are necessary

Baginski does confess that these changes are “painful” but maintains that they are necessary.

The Witcher on Netflix is currently on its third season and is the last season featuring star and Witcher superfan Henry Cavill. Liam Hemsworth is set to take over the role in season 4 while Cavill works on an upcoming Warhammer series.



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