Netflix One Piece showrunner wants a Spy x Family live action adaptation

Spy x Family live action

The showrunner for Netflix’s live action One Piece series has expressed interest in a Spy x Family live-action adaptation.

The western entertainment industry recently realized how popular anime is, and as such, has been pumping out live action movies and adaptations in hopes of getting some easy money.

However, it is well-known that western live action adaptations of anime are often bad due to their lack of care, from disrespect to the source material to the insertion of political pandering.

Netflix’s live action One Piece series managed to accrue actual success however, as the series actually bothered to respect the source material, and was receiving hands-on help from the series’ creator.

Steven Maeda, the aforementioned showrunner for the live action One Piece, said the following:

“I love Spy X Family so much. It’s just wonderful. It’s funny you mentioned that one. I’ve been chasing Spy Family for a while. I think there are so many wonderful stories. It just has been, I think, difficult getting the crossover… [Anime] really is such wonderful source material.

There are so many great manga and anime titles out there that tell these wonderful stories, and they just haven’t been tapped yet. And so not every underlying piece of material needs a live action. But boy, it would be amazing to see some of them.”

Spy x Family revolves around characters Loid Forger, Yor Forger, and Anya Forger, who all live as a “fake” family whilst keeping secrets from each other.

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