Moon, Chulip, and Little King’s Story Creator Yoshiro Kimura Announces His Final RPG

onion games final rpg

Onion Games has announced their next game is in development.

The new sandbox RPG, led by Onion Games founder and boss Yoshiro Kimura, noted this will be his final RPG. Kimura is known for his iconic cult hit games like Moon, Chulip, and more recently his indie releases like Dandy Dungeon, Million Onion Hotel, and Black Bird.

Here’s the full message from Yoshiro Kimura:

Hello everyone, this is Yoshiro Kimura from Onion Games.

I’ve decided Onion Games will make our first sandbox RPG.

I think this will probably be my final RPG.

Over the course of working on Million Onion Hotel, Black Bird, Dandy Dungeon, and the port of Moon, I resolved to take up this challenge.

This world is full of irrational events.

Can children ever hope to overcome this irrationality which adults have left unresolved?

In bringing back the romantic, fairytale nature of my RPGs, I want to discover my own answer to this question.

But I still want to hear the voices of doubt:

“RPGs are tough work.”

We need to keep our creative ambitions in check, but without striving for ideals our output won’t inspire.

I’m sure I’ll suffer through comparing it with my past works.

But I’m gong to push on.

Despite all this, I will see it through.

And if I don’t start now, I may never be able to make it.

This is my last chance, both in terms of age and stamina.

So, this will be my last RPG.
I’m going to pour my all into it and if it all ends with this, then so be it.

The adventure starts now,

Onion Games Yoshiro Kimura



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