Monster Sanctuary gets free Forgotten World DLC

Monster Sanctuary

Moi Rai Games have released Forgotten World, a big free DLC pack for their creature catcher RPG Monster Sanctuary.

The highlight of Monster Sanctuary‘s Forgotten World DLC is the titular new region. This new area is meant to be explored late in the game, and contains 9 of the DLC’s 10 new monsters.

Other new additions include new weapons and accessories, new skill nodes for every skill tree in the game, the new Ancient monster type, new exploration abilities, new hidden rooms and chests, and a new super-secret Champion fight that the devs say is the hardest battle in the entire game. There are also new ways to play Monster Sanctuary in the form of the Randomizer, Bravery, and Permadeath campaign modifiers.

You can find a launch trailer for the new DLC below.

You can find a rundown (via Steam) below:

Master the Monster Sanctuary!
Delve deep into the Metroidvania inspired world of Monster Sanctuary, explore the expansive lands and call upon your monsters to lend their aid in and out of combat! Use their unique skills to fly, ride and brute force your way through environmental puzzles and precise platforming! The world is yours to traverse as you see fit, are you ready to take on the Sanctuary?

Collect, Evolve and Battle!
Your quest begins with a choice of an ancient spectral familiar, a wistful monster who will guide your first steps into the sanctuary. They will be by your side as you catch your first of 111 monsters. From here it is up to you to hatch, collect, evolve and train monsters from across the Sanctuary! Each possesses unique abilities and a skill tree for you to customise as your team grows in strength.

Battle it out in Strategic Combat!
Strategically order your attacks for maximum efficiency, stacking your attacks to deal devastating combos! Try out different team combinations and make use of synergies between your monsters. Encounter formidable foes, endurance challenges and train an unbeatable team!

Clash in PvP battles across the Globe!
Face off in a test of skill and ability in online player vs player! Gather and train monsters, max out their skill trees and take on friends and foes in an epic battle to have the last monsters standing!

Optional Game modes for more replayability
Added with the latest update, you can enable and combine optional Randomizer, Bravery and Permadeath game modes, making every playthrough a fresh and different experience.

Monster Sanctuary has been available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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