Monster Prom Hands-on Preview – Delightfully Disturbing

I had the chance to play a very interesting title at this year’s Game Developers Conference – Monster Prom, by the Barcelona-based studio Beautiful Glitch. The game was picked up by publisher Those Awesome Guys after its successful Kickstarter, and they’ve been working on it since.

The game enables up to four players to play the dating simulator cooperatively or competitively in a local-multiplayer only environment. This means there are some mini-games you can only do locally, like picking a random food and then voting on which chosen food sounds more sexual.

Overall the game has an immeasurable amount of charm and wit, as its brilliant writing and humor will instantly knock you off your feet. Honestly, Cody and I were laughing at pretty much every line of dialogue or descriptions we read, it was just too damn funny.

You’re given only a few weeks of in-game time to woo the monster of your choice, after you’ve completed the “stupidest pop quiz ever,” which starts you with stats that more closely resemble your choices. Pending your stats and what choices you make, you can get better at different activities.

It’s obvious that some monsters will be harder to woo than others, especially if you tend to pick certain responses – and there are many, over a thousand different scenarios in fact. Coming from this, you can try screwing over the other players from getting their chosen partner.

As you progress through the turbulent and trying halcyon days of high school, try your best at wooing the monster your pining for, and hopefully get your way. The entire game comes together brilliantly with its stylish art, coupled with its fantastic writing.

I really have to commend the developers at Beautiful Glitch on their writing, most of what I saw being insanely clever and just downright hilarious. One random scenario I stumbled into was two characters debating on what to do with a microscopic civilization that had a stalled economy.

You’re given several choices through a few dialogue prompts, all of which pertain to the tiny civilization’s future. Naturally, the choices you’re given are pretty funny but the reactions from the other characters and the infinitesimal beings had me cracking up.

The high school has several places you can go to, from its gymnasium to its cafeteria, and sometimes even check in with the local shopkeeper (who randomly changes her location every so often. It’s worth mentioning even the items have decidedly hilarious descriptions!

The writing, at times, almost comes off as if its making fun of itself – but it’s not too on the nose. There are also times where the game breaks the fourth wall, jokes about post-modernist stuff like dickpics, emojis, and dating apps, and even makes fun of the overly sensitive crowd.

Once you fully progress through the remainder of your school year and get to the anxiety-inducing prom night, you’ll find out if your advances made to another monster have been well-received. I was unfortunately cock-blocked by my friend, while he got a legendary happy ending.

At launch the game will have six different love interests for you to pursue (all featured below), with two more already planned as post-launch downloadable content. So long as the writing continues at this level, I just want more characters to pursue and interact with!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time, albeit brief, of Monster Prom. Depending on how deliberately you make your choices and banter with friends, this could be a game played for hours on end during a party night. You can also play it solo, but where’s the fun in that?

Bouncing through the different player-selected characters is a breeze, making it feel like the kind of quick interaction you normally get in a table-top boardgame. I really went in not knowing what to expect and now I really just want more of the game.

Monster Prom is set for an April 27th release on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux, via Steam.

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