MMORPG Wayfinder announces new update and quality-of-life features

Wayfinder Grendel

Wayfinder just announced the new character Grendel, as well as the Call of the Void update.

Wayfinder is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam’s Early Access). If you want to know more about the game, consider reading our preview.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

During the thrilling weekend at Tokyo Game Show 2023, we unveiled our newest upcoming Wayfinder, Grendel.

This fierce beast will be making a roaring entrance in Founder’s Season 2! Remember, if you purchase or already own a Founder’s Awakened or Exalted Pack, you’ll be able to take control of Grendel instantly! With an Initiate Pack, you can gain access to the components required to craft Grendel. Stay tuned for more details about Grendel and Season 2.

While we’re releasing new content, we are continuously working on improving current gameplay to make your Wayfinder experience better. Our Mid Season Update will bring you both new content, our first ever live event – Call of the Void – and more! Let’s dive into your first look at this upcoming update.

We’re introducing 2 new quests to challenge your skills. One of these quests will have you brave the fires of chaos as you confront the formidable Highlands Fire Lord in Harbingers of Chaos. The Final Score unlocks the fearsome Drill Machine, a weapon that has been constructed in secret within the Mines and is prepared to stop Wayfinders in their tracks!

The team can’t wait to share an in-depth look at this update in early October! Be on the lookout for the exact date when the update will be launched.

In our first Wayfinder Wednesday, we shared a major inventory update that we are implementing in two phases. Phase 1 is now live and introduces a new feature called Echo Dust.

The game’s patch notes are quite big, and go over phase 1 of the planned quality-of-life features, with phase 2 coming later during Early Access. You can read the full patch notes here.

It is also worth noting that Wayfinder has been steadily introducing quality-of-life changes into the game, like last month’s server improvements and expansion, which made the game much more stable.

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