Minicology releases gameplay trailer and Steam demo


Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Isaac Denner have released a new trailer and demo for Minicology.

Their new sandbox survival game has you exploring a procedurally-generated universe of tiny planets.

Minicology‘s demo will debut on Steam parallel to Gamescom 2023; in the demo you will learn the ropes of crafting, combat, automation, and terraforming.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

Explore a Universe of Tiny Planets

Take to the stars in Minicology, a sandbox game where you travel through a procedurally-generated universe of tiny planets! Build bases, defend against invasions, terraform worlds, and engineer factories that automatically farm and mine. Minicology encourages creative solutions to everything – from cultivating plants to fighting enemies!

Gather and Craft

Mechanisms and components can be manufactured from basic raw materials – but some rare items can only be found by completing events or fighting enemies. As you venture further into deep space, more materials and crafting stations will become available. Set up auto-harvesters and harness the simulated water cycle to make sure you’re always stocked with food, wood, and materials for your next adventure – then set up an interstellar shipping network to launch your materials back home!

Strategic Base Building

Minicology’s event system will keep you on your toes – each planet type has unique simulated weather and event rotations. Since events shift with the seasons, a planet might not be the same the next time you visit! Jungle planets feature dangerous acid rains, while deserts have blinding sandstorms that leave you fumbling to see – but certain rare materials will only be available during these dangerous events. Make sure you’re prepared!

Epic Boss Battles

As you roam, be careful that you don’t disturb the dangerous predators of the mini-verse. Well, actually, you’ll probably want to – they’ve got some of the best loot in the galaxy! Combat isn’t restricted to weapons – players can create weather, automate turrets, and harness chemistry to inflict damage on bosses or morph the world around you!


  • Sandbox-style building & terraforming mechanics. Make your planet your way!
  • Survive by hunting, farming, or a mix of the two – just don’t hunt a species into extinction!
  • Automate your base: pipe items from chests into furnaces, synthesize new materials, and irrigate your farms.
  • Dozens of unique events, ranging from meteor showers to invasions
  • Massive procedural universe, with an objective system that keeps gameplay fresh
  • 8 Challenging boss battles
  • Craft accessories, armors, and weapons to flesh out your build
  • Don’t lose track of the time! Immersive day/night cycle and seasonal rotation, with unique events tied to each!
  • And yes, the planets are actually round.
  • Your actions have consequences: animals can be driven to extinction, and players can trigger hazardous weather conditions

Minicology is set to release at some point in 2024 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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