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Have you ever wanted a free PC verion of the WarioWare games? Well, look no further, as MicroWorks has you covered.

MicroWorks has recently gone free-to-play, which inspired me to take a look at it. What I found was an insanely fast-paced collection of minigames that test your reaction times, aim, platforming, math and more.

Here’s a rundown on the game:


MicroWorks lumps players together in the Nexus – a central hub comprised of small game towers, where players compete against each other in a series of fast paced microgames designed to challenge your speed and wit.

Earn points and climb the scoreboard by successfully performing microgames faster and better than your opponents. Killer turrets, obstacle courses, trivia riddles, even simple tasks such as grouping up with a friend will prove challenging as you find your foes pushing you away from the objective.


Every game ends in a boss stage – a bigger and longer minigame, taking place in its own special stage. Farm score in a last-ditch effort to shift the tides of war and come out on top!

Ghost hunting, kart racing, and even wild west standoffs are only some examples from our diverse pool of options.


Microgames – An abundance of ways to get tested in the Nexus, with nearly 150 total microgame variations.

Boss Stages – Turn the tides in the climactic finale of each game, with 15 different boss stages available.

Gamemodes – Try out various gamemodes (along with team variants) such as Scorematch, where players compete to get the highest score, or Survival, where failure means death, and the last player standing wins.

Modifiers – Stay on your toes as each game will surprise you with different random modifiers, whether it be the Arguments, Special Rounds, or else…?

Rich Customization:

Colorize your player character with any and all colors!

Earn XP as you play through the game and unlock new skins and effects!

Create and equip custom player cosmetics from the workshop with the Party Pass!

Up To 16 Players In A Match – These robots are wildin’.

Steam Integration – Unlock achievements, reach new high scores and climb the leaderboards with our rich steam integration.

MicroWorks is actually inspired by TF2Ware, a custom Team Fortress 2 game mode that mimicked WarioWare‘s insane gameplay. It’s a more polished version with a few unique quirks, but the gist of it remains generally the same.

Naturally, being inspired by Team Fortress 2, MicroWorks has a Steam Workshop of its own, where players who purchased the Party Pass can use any model they want to customize their player characters. This only applies to their heads, however, since full body customization would break the game’s balancing.

MicroWorks is a fantastic alternative to someone who wants a game that’s easy to get into and that can be played by a large group of people. It also helps that it’s really chaotic and fun.

You can watch me play some of MicroWorks on the video below:

MicroWorks is available for free on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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