Microsoft reveals Xbox install numbers, confirming last place among home consoles


The number of sales and userbase for Xbox has been under a cloud of darkness, due to Microsoft officially halting public sales figures for Xbox consoles years ago.

However, as a result of their attempt to purchase Activision Blizzard, the tech giant has revealed these numbers to make their case against the UK’s CMA.

The CMA can be thought as a similar regulatory body like the USA’s FTC. This organization is challenging the merger attempt, and has thus held things up when it comes to the planned acquisition.

As a part of their evidence to counter the CMA, Microsoft has revealed (via TweakTown) the Xbox install base’s numbers for the first time in years.

Microsoft noted they have sold a combined 63.7 million Xbox consoles as of the end of 2021 (this includes Xbox One, Series S, and Series X).

This would firmly put them in last place among the big 3 for gaming consoles, with Nintendo at 103.5 million (only Switch consoles) and Sony at 151.4 million (both PS4 and PS5).

This information shows their console brand is notably lagging behind compared to its competitors when it comes to moving hardware. It’s unlikely Microsoft are in a bad position though, considering the staggering amount of revenue Xbox Game Pass alone brings in for the company.

Still, Microsoft being firmly in third place gives a good indicator to their desires for bringing large publishers such as Activision Blizzard into their portfolio. This also gives more credence to Phil Spencer stating they plan on making more acquisitions to compete against Sony and Tencent.


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