Microsoft responds to PS5 price hike: no plans to increase Xbox Series X|S price


Hot on the heels of Sony announcing they’re increasing the PS5’s price in select countries, Microsoft has confirmed they have no plans to follow suit.

A Microsoft spokesperson said they have no plans to increase the price of the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S, firmly committing to each console’s current suggested retail price in various regions and currencies.

“We are constantly evaluating our business to offer our fans great gaming options,” the spokesperson said to Windows Central. “Our Xbox Series S suggested retail price remains at $299 (£250, €300) the Xbox Series X is $499 (£450, €500).”

It’s worth noting the PS5 price hike typically averages out around $50 USD more for the all-digital SKU or the full PS5 SKU, to whichever regional equivalent.

The digital-only PS5 was retailing in Europe for €399.99 and the disc drive PS5 at €499.99 – both have been increased to €449.99 and €549.99, respectively.

In comparison, the slightly-less powerful Xbox Series S has retailed in Europe for €299.99 (it’s typically on sale for less anyway) and the full hardware Xbox Series X retails for €499.99.

The more interesting bit of news from Sony’s price hike of PlayStation 5 is that it will also go into effect for their home market – Japan – as of September 15th.

It won’t be surprising to see a similar statement to Microsoft’s from Nintendo – considering they always produce under-specc’ed hardware, thus each unit can be sold for less.



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