Microsoft issues court order for Sony investigation

The battle rages on as Microsoft continues to fight against Sony and the Federal Trade Commission on acquiring Activision Blizzard.

The latest development in this story gives us some insight into the situation, with Microsoft directly fighting Sony on the matter.

The current event in the lawsuit comes from Microsoft serving a subpoena to Sony (via VGC), which seeks to expose the company’s inner workings, claiming it to be relevant on their case against the FTC.

This could be a massive blow to Sony, as not only this could expose some of the company’s secrets but it also could reveal everything that the company is currently working on.

All of the Twitter PR between the brands seems to have been a facade, as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which includes the Call of Duty series, seems to be a thorn on Sony’s side.

Sony has tried to motion for the FTC to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Activison Blizzard, claiming that the company would withhold content from their rivals in an unfair way.

This attempt at investigating Sony feels vindictive, as Microsoft has been fighting a long battle against the FTC because of Sony’s fear of losing the Call of Duty series.

The FTC has not been on Microsoft’s side since the beginning, skeptical of their true intent, but the company still tries to pull it off, doing their best to deal with the consequences of the large acquisition.

Sony had until January 27th, 2023, to decide on their course of action with appealing against the subpoena or complying with it. At the time of writing we haven’t heard of their response.

If this subpoena does go through, it could mean a serious financial blow to Sony’s future announcements, we can only imagine the company’s regret for picking this fight if it does go through.

We have extensively covered the topic in the past and will continue to do so if any new developments show up.

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