Micron CEO warns chip shortages could continue into 2023

chip shortages could continue into 2023

The CEO of Micron has warned chip shortages could continue into 2023, spelling bad news for PC bros despite global GPU prices continuing a downward tend.

Amidst the fear of a new wave of the COVID-19 variant and high gas prices the cost of many PC parts remain higher than they should be. Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra made a statement to Fox Business that suggested chip shortages could continue into 2023.

“There are parts of the chip shortage that will continue to improve as we go through the calendar year 2022 and some parts of this will continue into 2023 as well,” Mehrotra said.

He added, “Of course, Micron continues to make the necessary investments to meet the demand growth that our customers are bringing to us.”

Mehrotra’s comments echo competitor Intel, whose CEO also said they expect chip shortages to continue into next year. To combat shortages, Intel is investing billions into new manufacturing in Malaysia – forgoing the long-used hubs in China and Taiwan.

Micron is one of few DRAM producers, so it doesn’t look great for pricing going onward. Micron has plans to invest over $150 billion into research, development, and manufacturing over the next decade.

That’s great and all but it won’t help us currently living in 2022. Hopefully with lockdownerism and travel restrictions becoming a distant memory, maybe the used parts market will be able to pick up any slack for those of us trying to upgrade our mid-tier machines.

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