Metroid Prime 4 Developer Retro Studios Still Seeks Boss / AI Designer

Metroid Prime 4 Retro Studios

Retro Studios have announced they are seeking a Boss / AI Designer to help with development on Metroid Prime 4, and possibly have done so since August.

While the game was announced in 2017, Nintendo announced production was restarted in January 2019 with Retro Studios as the developer. Information on the game has been all but silent, with no news other than reassurance the game was still being worked on. In mid-August the developer made the call for a lead producer.

Now, Retro Studios have asked for more staff to join them. The studio tweeted that they are “looking for a Boss/ AI Designer to join us on our journey to develop Metroid Prime 4!” As we previously reported when discussing the lead producer roll, needing to hire such an important position one year into the project could be reassuring or worrying; depending on how development is proceeding.

However, this position was one of the jobs already listed on the Nintendo Careers website back in August, suggesting the studio has been struggling to find the right person. These is of course the possibility that a Boss / AI Designer had been hired, but then had to leave the company.

Retro Studios may also be seeking multiple Boss / AI Designers. However, the way the position is described in the job listing implies it will require some leadership (aside from good communication to other members of the development team).

The job listing for the Boss / AI Designer states duties will include “Design, own, and champion Boss and AI encounters in a highly iterative environment,” and “plan out thoughtful and intentional player experiences at both macro and micro levels.” The position will also involve providing “mentorship to other designers and team members.

The Boss / AI Designer in question must have senior-level experience with the position, 5+ years of game design experience (including being a senior or lead on a shipped 3D action adventure title), and (though not explicitly stated) living in the Austin, Texas area.

While the Lead Graphics Engineer position seems to have been filled since August, other jobs listings still being requested include Lead Animator, Lead Lighting Artist, and Concept Artist.

Metroid Prime 4 is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

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