Samurai Bringer dev Alphawing announces Metal Bringer

Metal Bringer

Metal Bringer is the next step for Alphawing’s highly in-depth roguelike series.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Samurai Bringer, ALPHAWING’s previous game, is a Japanese roguelite action game released in 2022 on Steam and Nintendo Switch, where you play as Susanoo and defeat world-famous Japanese samurai as you collect combat techniques to create your own fighting style. It has received over 800 reviews on Steam with a Very Positive rating.

Metal Bringer is the second game in the Bringer series, and this time, the setting is completely different—in this game, you fight in a sci-fi world with androids and giant robots in horde-based combat that’s even more satisfying than the last game, and of course, your combat actions will evolve as you fight.

It’s been 4 whole years since Playism last participated in PAX West, but this year they’ll be there on Seattle, from September 1 to 4! Playism will be showcasing the very first playable demo of Metal Bringer at their booth

Metal Bringer is set to release worldwide at some point in 2024 on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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