Meet the Flockers in Team17’s New Game

Flockers is the first new game from Team17 in over a decade, a studio primarily known worldwide for their acclaimed Worms series. The game was originally revealed last month, but details were pretty much nonexistent.

However, now we have juicy new details, screenshots, and a teaser trailer (shown above) that finally give us a taste of what the game is all about. Flockers is definitely a game inspired by Lemmings, only you’ll be guiding helpless sheep, hopefully steering them clear of harm.

Think of it like Tim Burton making his own version of Lemmings, with a gritty, sweaty, Steampunk-esque style that still evokes that Worms humor that the developer is known for. If you mess up and direct your flock of sheep to their doom, they explode in a mist of blood and chunks.

Check out the debut screenshots below:

flockers 03-28-14-9 flockers 03-28-14-8 flockers 03-28-14-7 flockers 03-28-14-6 flockers 03-28-14-5 flockers 03-28-14-4 flockers 03-28-14-3 flockers 03-28-14-2 flockers 03-28-14-1

Flockers is coming soon via Steam Early Access in Q2 of this year.

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