Meet Laila from Tales of Zestiria

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Straight from this week’s Jump magazine, we’ve learned who the next character in Namco Bandai’s Tales of Zestiria is going to be. Her name is Laila, or Lailah, or possily even Laira. We don’t have an official translation yet, but it’s very possibly Laila, as that one sounds the most reasonable – although we may be proven wrong.

Laila is voiced by Miyu Matsuki, and she is designed by Mutsumi Inomata. Laila is an adult, and she gives out advice as an instructor. Sometimes her mind gets a bit wild as she imagines crazy things, however, she has been waiting for someone that shows the signs of being a Doshi, or a living savior that is given the power of the gods.

After she bumps into the protagonist Slay, she immediately signs a marriage contract with him, becoming a vessel of the Family of Heaven. With her becoming a vessel, Slay acquires the ability to calm the out of control Hyoma monsters.

We’ll have more info to confirm when the official stuff from Namco Bandai comes out.

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