Marvel’s Midnight Suns releases new Venom DLC

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been teasing Venom for a while, and now he’s finally here.

Venom is the second character to be added to Midnight Suns, with the first one being Deadpool, which we covered before.

The Steam description for the DLC reads:

Venom, the deadly amalgam of Eddie Brock and an alien symbiote, joins the Midnight Suns to right the wrongs he committed under Lilith’s demonic influence. Turn your former Fallen adversary into a fearsome ally across new story missions as Venom fights alongside his best frenemy Spider-Man.

Blood-sucking vampyres have infested the sewers beneath New York City, but even they quake in fear at the sight of Venom’s pitch-black claws and razor-sharp teeth. With help from the Midnight Suns, Venom is fighting to regain control of his actions and rid NYC of the undead scourge—but unshackling himself from one manipulative demon has attracted the attention of another.

Venom even got his own spotlight trailer, which you can watch below:

The Redemption DLC, which features Venom, is already out, and can be purchased for $14.99 USD.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available for Windows PC (via Epic Games Store and Steam), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.



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