Marvel’s Avengers Launch Week War Table; Kate Bishop Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix have revealed more information about Marvel’s Avengers during their Launch Week War Table livestream, including the reveal of Kate Bishop.

Due to the death of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, the presentation began asking for a moment of silence, and stating “out of respect for a fallen true hero, we have altered what we are showing today.”

Black Panther was one of the characters revealed to be coming to the game in a data mine of the game’s beta. It is entirely possible the character was intended to have been revealed during the presentation.

Along with revealing metrics for the betas that ran before the game’s launch, Square Enix later announced the game had the most downloaded beta in PlayStation history. The War Table presentation stated over 6 million players (on all platforms) had joined the beta.

The War Table also advised what players should do on the game’s launch (and re-iterating the game’s features). This included completing the campaign, enjoying rewards for playing online multiplayer at launch, partaking in the daily and weekly missions, Villain Sectors (showdowns against bosses from the campaign), and finding SHIELD vaults in missions.

The game’s Avengers Initiative is the ongoing development and new content. These include missions, Hero Arcs, and events. The events will also include exclusive gear and cosmetics, and some will be seasonal.

Mega Hives are also weekly challenges that task players with delving deeper into a facility filled with increasingly difficult enemies. Players rotate through their roster as heroes are defeated, losing only when all heroes are knocked out. The AIM secret lab is also end-game content.

Along with revealing a new Operation, DLC Character Kate Bishop was revealed. Along with being another data mined character, she took the title of Hawkeye within the Young Avengers. While skilled at archery, she is also adept at swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and using battle staves similar to Mockingbird. Here, she is also able to teleport.

Investigating what happened to Nick Fury and Hawkeye, Bishop joins the Avengers after tachyon disturbances begin cropping up around the world. The Taking AIM Operation takes place after the Reassembled campaign, complete with Bishop, her gear and skills, new locations, and a new villain to fight.

You can find the entire Launch Week War Table presentation here, and the Kate Bishop reveal trailer below. You can find the full rundown on the War Table here.

Marvel’s Avengers is launches September 4th for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia; and Holiday 2020 for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X. You can expect our review soon!

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