Mantis-X’s Prisma Illya game evolves into sexy action combat

Mantis-X, an animator well-known for producing high caliber erotic animations, has shared a video update on their Prisma Illya fan game.

The new update has revealed the fan creation made the switch from a turn-based combat system to a more action-based one.

The creator mentioned they’ve “retooled” the game completely and that they’re making steady progress, and their latest gameplay footage shows off some of the new action combat (and some pantsu every now and again). Have a look:

The creator also shared a second video detailing the game’s cute menus:

Previous footage from when the game was turn-based:

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya is a spin-off of the main Fate franchise that focuses on Illya and her two friends, who can transform into magical girls to save the day.

No release date was mentioned.

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