Majikoi fan translator censoring “homophobic” lines

Majikoi fan translator

It was disclosed that a translator producing fan translation patches for the Majikoi visual novel series often censors lines they personally deem “homophobic”.

A Twitter user pointed out this fact upon the recent release of the Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-5 fan translation:

The user pointed out that the JAST USA English translation for one of the games was done by a user known as “Dowolf”.

It’s worth noting that this same individual has also done fan translations for other games in the series:

A comment from Dowolf indicating that they actively censor dialogue they don’t like while inserting their own “head-canon”:

The line in question above that was censored was from Majikoi A-4, and a modder thankfully came at the time to release an uncensor patch for the fan translation (ludicrously enough):

Remarks from the creator of the uncensor patch as they discussed the matter with Dowolf:

With even fan translations becoming perverted by those not interested in acting in good faith and providing an actual translation devoid of nonsense, it seems learning Japanese might be the only alternative.

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