Lost Sands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure has players take sides

Sea of Thieves

Rare has just announced their latest Sea of Thieves Adventure: Lost Sands with a new trailer that came out today. This will be the first Adventure where players will be able to pick between the two core factions of the game.

On one hand, there’s the Reaper’s Bones, a faction built around Captain Flameheart. Flameheart is a pirate who proclaims to be devoted to true “freedom” on the Sea of Thieves. Coincidentally he decides true freedom means using his cult to dominate every living soul on the seas.

The other faction is… well basically everyone else. The five remaining trading companies represent your normal person who lives there. After the Reapers destroyed Golden Sands Outpost, the decision remains whether or not to rebuild.

The new adventure will have players pick a side to either work together and rebuild Golden Sands Outpost, or to ensure it remains destroyed as a matter of pride for the Reaper’s Bones

You can find the new trailer for Lost Sands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure below.

Lost Sands is the latest Adventure as part of Rare’s new focus on narrative stories set in Sea of Thieves. The first three adventures which began a few months ago told the story of Captain Flameheart and his attempt to breach the veil between the Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned.

Thanks to a band of brave pirates, the Veil of the Ancients is safely in the hands of Ramsey Singh, the enigmatic Pirate Lord who protects the Sea of Thieves from Captain Flameheart and the cruelties of the outside world, even in death.

Now with Flameheart’s plans foiled, the focus of the Reaper’s Bones has seemingly returned to cartoon villainy and destruction. So now players will have to pick a side: restore Golden Sands Outpost to the thriving home for pirates it once was? Or ensure it remains destroyed?



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