Lost Ark’s The Witcher event is currently underway

Lost Ark previously announced their unexpected Witcher crossover a while ago, and now they finally brought Geralt and his companions into the MMO ARPG.

Geralt is set to arrive in Lost Ark through a malfunctioning portal alongside Ciri, Yennefer, Dandelion and Triss.

Despite having its own island and even fully voiced characters, the event seems a bit bare-bones and most likely only serves to sell skins.

The event comes with a plethora of Witcher-themed skins and a special background for the character selection menu:

The full patch notes can be read here. The description for the event reads:

A beautiful island’s festivities have been interrupted by a mystifying vortex. Uncovering the mysteries will lead to encounters with iconic characters from The Witcher on an all-new island and in new event quests! As you work with Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss through a series of story and daily quests, a variety of Witcher themed items are available as rewards. Quest rewards include Witcher Potions, 2 Jukebox songs, a new Card Set featuring 5 Witcher Characters, a Stronghold structure, Emoticons & Selfie Stickers, and even a Title! The Lost Ark x The Witcher collaboration and event will begins with this update and runs until February 22. New character customization scars will also be available.

Unlock the all-new event island by speaking with the Guild Investigator in major cities. Participating in the event requires completion of the [Set Sail!] Main Story Quest, which unlocks the ability to sail around Arkesia. With Main Quests & Daily Quests to be completed, players can use the Ocean Liner for quick trips to White Wolf Haven Island.

Yennefer really needs to get her portals sorted out, as this is roughly Geralt’s 13th crossover appearance across multiple games, making him quite the traveled Witcher.

Lost Ark released a video showcasing some of the Witcher collab’s content:

Lost Ark fans are currently jaded with the state of the game, especially when it comes to connection issues and overall monetization, so here’s hoping that Geralt increases the playerbase’s morale.

The event is set to run until February 22, 2023, giving players a little over a month to engage with the Witcher update and say their goodbyes to Geralt’s company when done.

Lost Ark has been available for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review for the game here.

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