Lost Ark teases The Witcher event and a new class

Isometric MMORPG Lost Ark finally gets a true pet class, also Geralt is here too.

Lost Ark just announced the fourth evolution for its mage class, the Summoner, which comes with some pretty interesting class identity.

The summoner seems to build up resources in combat to keep summoning even more powerful pets, each with different moves, leaving the Summoner to decide which ability is needed at the moment.

Mage players will now have to choose between the Bard, Sorceress, Arcanist and Summoner as their advanced class, really letting players fill out their niche positions in the battlefield.

But enough about that, apparently The Witcher is also coming to the game in a curious new crossover.

The details about the event are pretty vague, but what can be gathered is that a festival will be interrupted by Geralt’s arrival through a portal, and most likely some horrible creatures will take the opportunity to come along with him.

The event will happen on an new island, which seems to be Witcher-themed according to the only visual released so far.

Lost Ark seems to have done a pretty good job so far sticking to the original models, although looking a bit Korean MMO-ified to fit the aesthetic.

The iconic Witcher characters definitely look like themselves, which is more that can be said about other collaboration events.

The summoner class is set to release in Lost Ark’s new update, which is set to drop next week with no specific date given, while the collaboration event with The Witcher is scheduled for January 2023.

Lost Ark has been available for Microsoft Windows (through Steam). In case you missed it, you can find our thorough review for the game here.

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